Vince Laws to Headline Latest Independent Ireland Living Social Night

4 March 2020

 ILMI SOCIAL NIGHT Presents Vince Laws as he breaks the boundaries of poet, artist, performer, and Cripz‘-campaigner. 

Independent Living Ireland are a Carmichael resident organisation and below you can read their press release about their upcoming social night penned in for Nov 26.


Vince Laws Comes to Dublin

Thursday evening is fast becoming a go-to ‘date’ for ILMI’s supporters to settle down. A glass of wine or a mug of coffee, and a plastic straw, and wave away our Covid cares to listen and chat with comrades using creative magical ways to reach out to others in the isolating ‘times’. ILMI is delighted to announce that they have Zoom-kidnapped from the UK disability arts performer and comedian Vince Laws from Norwich.  

Vince is a disabled campaigner interested in taking poetry off the page and into paintings, text art, posters, films, concepts, installations. Vince will chat with ILMI’s Peter Kearns on Thursday 26th November at 7pm via zoom about some controversial  performances and perform a Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister comic sketch. Peter will also ask Vince to tell us, how after a period of illness which allowed him to consider exactly what he wanted to do, he set up as a self employed poet and artist in October 2009. 

Vince the Artist 

Vince’s brilliant disability arts images can be seen in the UK SHAPE Gallery, some of which are for sale. Sparkle-eye‘d Vince confidently tells ILMI that at his forthcoming November Thursday evening ILMI zoom ‘gig’, individual commissions will be gladly considered.  

Vince believes creativity is essential for well-being, boosts the immune system, and improves self-esteem. He has recently begun facilitating workshops, encouraging creativity with words and images. He also recognises that one of the best ways to engage people with his poetry is to make it accessible without making it dumb, and to perform it really-really well.  

Vince the Campaigner

Vince also campaigns to decrease the stigma associated with impairment labels such as HIV and mental health or emotional well being. He uses his creativity to campaign for an end to war; against homophobia in UK soccer; for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) equality; for disabled rights; and against the current UK Conservative government’s treatment of the poor and even against the pope’s visit to the UK. 

Vince Laws is proud to be the Norwich Pride Poet Laureate, a founder member of the Norwich Dandies art collective, the leader of the Out Write poetry group, half of the Poetry Outlaws, and half of LGBT coming out project OUT140... SO, ya‘ better tune-in with our Leitrim based, ex-Coolock convict, Peter Kearns interview with Vince on Thursday 26th November at 7pm via zoom – email your interest in ILMI’s Thursday Social Evenings to: