Walk While You Can for IMNDA

8 September 2021

The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA) are hosting a fundraiser Walk While You Can for MND throughout September. As a Carmichael resident member, we are delight to promote this upcoming event.

What’s Happening

The premise is a 5km walk in your community, keeping in line with current Covid-19 guidelines. The inspiration for this walk comes from Fr. Tony Coote’s 550km walk for motor neurone disease in 2018, raising €600,000 for this miraculous feat.

The funds from the 2018 event were spread far and wide; IMNDA were able to hire a much needed fourth outreach nurse to care and support people living with Motor Neurone Disease in Ireland. Furthermore, the outreach nursing service provided by the IMNDA helps over 400 people and families spread across 26 counties. This is the only service of its kind in the country and it is funded entirely from public donations.

Who’s Involved

Claire Byrne, Broadcaster with RTE and this year’s Walk While You Can Ambassador will be joining in and asking you to get involved. Her personal friendship with Fr. Tony means she is continuing his fight.

“I will be walking on September 11th September to remember Fr Tony Coote. We can’t hold our annual event in the Phoenix Park, but that won’t stop us! Instead we are taking to the pathways of our towns and communities to walk while you can, where you can!

There are currently over 400 people living with MND in Ireland. MND is often referred to as the 1,000-day disease as most people die within 1,000 days of first symptoms. 1 person dies every 3 days from MND.

Lillian McGovern, CEO of IMNDA says ‘Without the funds raised from While You Can by Fr Tony Coote and all the incredible people involved, we would not have been able to sustain our nursing service and grow our outreach care further. It’s so important to keep people in their own homes.

All About MND & the IMNDA 

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a progressive neurological condition that attacks the motor neurones, or nerves, in the brain and spinal cord. This means messages gradually stop reaching muscles, which leads to weakness and wasting.  MND can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe. However, not all symptoms necessarily happen to everyone and it is unlikely they will all develop at the same time, or in any specific order.

The IMNDA is the primary support organisation for those affected by Motor Neurone Disease. The IMNDA provides specialised services for people affected by this debilitating disease such as equipment on loan, financial assistance towards home help, advice and home visits by MND Nurse. In order to provide these vital services the IMNDA depends heavily on the generosity of the public and supporters of the association who generate over 83% of its income.

Where to Find Them

To find out more about the IMNDA you can check out their site here. Also, follow their social media accounts by clicking the following links; Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.