BeLonG To Epitomise the Energy of Good Governance Awards

29 June 2021

Organisations of all sizes enter the Good Governance Awards. All genres of organisations try their hand. Some organisations serve the elderly, some serve the young. Whether they win or not, the benefits for all are clear. We have seen this throughout our recent blogs.

Today, we hear from Sinead Keane, the Communications and Advocacy Manager of BeLonG To Youth Services. Sinead explains who BeLonG To Youth Services are, and what they do. Furthermore, Sinead goes on to talk about why the recognition ethical fundraising through the Good Governance Awards was so important.


“We are the national organisation for LGBTI+ young people in Ireland. Since 2003, we have worked with LGBTI+ young people to create a world where they are equal, safe, and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences. We offer advice, information, and crisis counselling for LGBTI+ youth, also supporting free, non-judgemental LGBTI+ youth groups across Ireland.

Through our advocacy and campaigning, we ensure policy formation and practice is informed by the voice and experiences of LGBTI+ young people. Through training, we ensure LGBTI+ young people are met by professionals, organisations, and services who are educated to meet and support their needs.

We are honoured to have been shortlisted for the Good Governance Award for our Annual Report and Financial Records for the past three years. We were thrilled when our 2019 Annual Report won the award last year. It meant so much to us as an organisation to have our commitment to good governance, transparency, and ethical fundraising recognised in this way.

Thanks to the detailed feedback from the judges, we have been able to continuously improve our report and financial records. Winning this award helps build trust with our donors and funders and we are grateful to them for continuing to support the lives of LGBTI+ young people.”


To find out more from BeLonG To Youth Services you can check out their site here. Elsewhere, they’re on social media too, see there FacebookTwitterYoutube, and Instagram.

For more information on the Good Governance Awards the best source is the dedicated website for the awards which can be seen here.