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Carmichael, in partnership with a number of Volunteer Centres and Waterford PPN, are organising a series of free workshops for non-profit organisations on “Developing your Annual Report”.

The aim of this practical hands-on workshop is to understand the preparation of the Annual Report from the perspective of the Board Members, Directors, Trustees.

Each workshop covers the basics of what is required in an annual report and then focuses on how to use the annual report as a way of showing the public, your members and funders how good your organisation is. The session will involve presentations and working in groups. These workshops are aimed at smaller charities (annual income of less than €250,000), particularly, at charities with income of less than €50,000.

The workshops are free thanks to the support of Community Foundation Ireland.

For more details and to register, contact the relevant Volunteer Centre or PPN.

Date Local Volunteer Centre/PPN   Time Event Booking link
Feb 9 Kildare Volunteer Centre    10.30am-12.30pm Event booking link
Feb 11 Dublin City Volunteer Centre   10.30am-12.30pm Event Booking Link
Feb 15 Tipperary Volunteer Centre   2.30pm-4.30pm Sold out
Feb 18 Fingal Volunteer Centre   10.30am-12.30pm Event Booking Link
Feb 24 Kerry Volunteer Centre   10am-12pm Not yet available
Mar 1 Cork Volunteer Centre   2.30pm-4.30pm Event Booking Link
Mar 2 Cork Volunteer Centre    2.30pm-4.30pm Not yet available
Mar 3 Kerry VC   10am-12pm
Mar 4 Dublin South Volunteer Centre   10.30am-12.30pm Not yet available
Mar 11 Fingal Volunteer Centre   10.30am-12.30pm Event Booking Link
Mar 22 Longford Volunteer Centre    10.30am-12.30pm Event Booking Link
Mar 23 Waterford PPN    10.30am-12.30pm Event Booking Link
Mar 25 Donegal Volunteer Centre   11am-1pm Not yet available
Mar 26 ICE Dublin   10am-12pm Not yet available
Mar 25 Donegal Volunteer Centre   7pm-9pm Not yet available
Mar 30 Galway VC   10.30am-12.30pm Not yet available
Mar 31 Tipperary CV   10.30am-12.30pm Not yet available


Charity Trustees’ Week aims to recognise and celebrate the key role which volunteer charity trustees play in the governance and leadership of charities across Ireland. Charity Trustees’ Week is organised by a steering committee which includes Boardmatch Ireland, Charities Institute Ireland, Carmichael, Charities Regulator, Dóchas, Volunteer Ireland and The Wheel.

For Charity Trustees’ Week, Carmichael will be hosting a number of workshops and events:

13th November – Board Roles and Responsibilities workshop

14th November – Introduction to Risk Management Webinar (Closed session.)

14th November – Carmichael Board Chairs’ Network event (Fully booked.)

15th November – The Role of the Company Secretary workshop Fully booked.)

15th November – Good Governance Awards Night (By invitation only.)

The list of events for the week is available to view