Board Chairs Network

The Board Chairs’ Network is forum for board chairs from charity and nonprofit organisations.

Facilitated by Carmichael, the purpose of the network is to provide a space for board chairs to meet each other, share experiences and discuss topics of mutual interest including key concepts and issues with nonprofit governance.

Meetings take place quarterly, generally from 6pm-8pm. Due to Covid restrictions, meetings are currently taking place online, 4pm-6pm. All meetings operate under Chatham House Rules and the format varies from having guest speakers leading discussions to meetings led by board chairs themselves.

There are over 80 board chairs in the network and there is no fee or charges for membership or attendance. Each meeting has a main theme for discussion and themes to date include

  • Changes in fundraising environment
  • Compliance with funder requirements
  • Creating an effective board culture
  • Board renewal and succession planning and managing
  • Performance of the CEO
  • Dealing with conflict and disruptive board members
  • Role and duties of charity trustee

If you would like to join the Board Chairs’ Network and/or attend the next meeting, contact