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13 Jun 2024

Canva for Beginners – Online 13/06/2024

Target Audience

This 2 hours’ session is aimed at people who have no experience of using Canva, or graphic design. Participants do need to have basic IT skills and understand simple technological jargon.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.

Course Outline

  • Opening and creating a Canva account ​
  • Canva for Non-Profits​
  • Creating a design; using templates or creating from scratch ​
  • Searching and editing elements ​
  • Using template photos from Canva or uploading ​
  • Adding text and using different fonts ​
  • Saving and downloading designs ​
  • Sharing and collaborating designs ​
  • Design for Print​
  • Managing your Brand


Delivered virtually via Zoom.


Serena Teng

Serena Teng has been working with Carmichael since 2017. Previously, she worked in the life sciences sector, and in the recruitment sector. Serena has a wide range of experience volunteering for non-profits, in Ireland and abroad. As a volunteer with Ruhama, a Dublin-based NGO that works on a national level with women affected by prostitution and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation, Serena delivers training on interviewing skills and is also an education tutor.

Serena has a BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology, MScR in Biomedical Sciences, Diploma in HRM, Diploma in Project Management, and a Diploma in Performance Management. She is due to complete the TUD Certified Charity Trustee Programme in 2024.


Learn how to easily create designs quickly, cheaply and efficiently without having an in-depth background in graphic design.


Carmichael’s Spring/Summer 2024 Scheduled Training Programme is kindly sponsored by BoardEffect.

BoardEffect is part of Diligent, the leader in modern governance. BoardEffect delivers an agile board management solution optimised for governance leaders of nonprofits, higher education institutions, community healthcare organisations, and credit unions with the right tools, analytics, and insights to drive more efficient, transparent, and secure governance.


€50Nonprofit Organisation
€40Carmichael Resident Organisation
€60Statutory Organisation
€60Corporate Organisation


Serena was able to actively use the Canava website and take us through it on a step by step basis.
The presentation by Serena was excellent.
A good overview of Canva and Serena was very approachable.

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