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12 Jul 2022

Companies Act 2014 and the Charities Act 2009 for Non-profit Organisations – Online 12/07/2022

Target Audience

Anyone needing to better understand the implications of the Companies Act 2014 & Charities Act 2009 for organisations in the not-for-profit sector.


This online workshop explores how the Companies Act 2014 impacts on Charities and Not-for Profit Companies that are Limited by Guarantee, the requirements of the Charities Act 2009, the role of members, the duties and responsibilities of Directors and Other Officers and the preparation of Financial Statements under Companies Act 2014.


Delivered virtually via Zoom.


Andrea Shupinski

Andrea Shupinski is a Chartered Accountant by qualification. A sole practitioner, she has been providing consultancy, accountancy and taxation services to the Charity and Not-for Profit sector for over 30 years.

Andrea has extensive financial and senior management experience with charities and not for profits as an advisor and accountant and as Chief Financial Officer. She has helped organisations to prepare for a more regulated and transparent environment and has practical experience of charity accounting principles and putting them into practice.

Andrea is a member of the Charity and Not-for Profit Committee at Chartered Accountants Ireland. She has been a Board member for a number of charities over the years.


Participants will gain a better understanding of:

  • The regulatory environment
  • The roles of Company Members, Directors, Company Secretaries
  • Legal duties and responsibilities of Charity Directors and Company Secretaries
  • The regulations covering Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • The governance regulations
  • The regulations affecting the Financial Statements, Annual Return and Audit
  • Awareness of FRS 102, CSORP, Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 and anticipated changes.


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation
€80Statutory Organisation
€80Corporate Organisation


Very competent clear speaking of Andrea. Knowledge of regulations and personal advice, opinion provided.
Better understanding of the regulations effecting the financial statements and the changes that are in the pipeline. Today’s training will make me aware of these and watch out for the changes.
Informed presenter who engaged with practical issues raised by the group. Also Andrea’s own practical experiences were of interest as a company secretary.

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