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2 Feb 2022

Introduction to Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel – Online 02/02/2022

Target Audience

People with little or no knowledge, or experience of using Microsoft Excel.


The course will take place on Zoom over 4 sessions as per details below. Homework will be assigned between sessions. Resources and links will be stored on a platform called GiraffePad. Full instructions and links will be given after registration. Details of dates and topics are below:

Session One (90 minutes) 2 Feb starting at 9.15am

  • Open A New Spreadsheet
  • Identify Data Types
  • Use Autofill
  • Enter Data / Text
  • Select Data / Text
  • Format Data / Text
  • Use Basic Formulae
  • Copy Formulae
  • Homework

Session Two (90 minutes) 9 Feb starting at 9.15am

  • Review of homework
  • Use Absolute Cell Reference
  • Use built in functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, CountA
  • Start on preparing lists
  • Add/Delete Rows/Columns
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Homework

Session Three (90 minutes) 16 Feb starting at 9.15am

  • Review of homework
  • Continue Sorting and filtering
  • Printing
  • Introduction to chart
  • Homework

Session Four (90 minutes) 23 Feb starting at 9.15am

  • Review of homework
  • Worksheets-Housekeeping: Add, delete, rename, move/copy, hide
  • Worksheets – Formulas – adding up entries across sheets.
  • Final Q&A


  • Delivered virtually via Zoom.
  • GiraffePad will be the platform used to hold the Zoom links/training materials.
  • Homework will be assigned between sessions.


Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh has been an IT trainer since Excel came on Windows 95. She has been a freelance IT trainer since the mid-90s. She is a MOS Master Instructor. She is also the author of “Your Excel Survival Kit: Your guide to surviving and thriving in an Excel world” which has been receiving consistent 5 star reviews on Amazon. She blogs regularly at

You can read testimonials for her work at


€140Nonprofit Organisation
€120Carmichael Resident Organisation
€160Statutory/Corporate Organisation


GiraffePad and Breakout rooms gave us time to practice.
Excellent facilitator, very clear and made Excel fun.

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