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11 Sep 2024

NTF Leadership Programme 2024: Effective Leadership & Management of Teams

This course is fully booked.

All too often volunteer leaders/trustees and employees in the non-profit sector can find themselves in management and leadership roles without having a full understanding of what such roles actually involve. Furthermore, it is frequently the case that no further training or support is offered to people in these demanding positions.  

The recently published OECD Skills Strategy for Ireland identified the need for continuous improvement of leadership and management skills within non-profit sector in Ireland. Strong leadership and management capabilities are important drivers of organisational change, helping to optimise the use of skills in workplaces and drive innovation, productivity and organisation performance. Previous studies have highlighted a need to improve management capability in Ireland, particularly among small and medium-sized enterprises. The OECD Strategy recommended extending flexible, subsidised, customisable development opportunities available to Ireland’s managers to maximise the accessibility, relevance and value of support: 

  • Address gaps in management training for mid-sized, locally traded service companies and community, voluntary and social enterprises. 
  • Advance new flexible, subsidised and customisable management training and scale up successful existing programmes. 

Target Audience

Board Members, CEOs, Managers, Members of Management Teams, or anyone interested in any of these roles.


Very often the structure within non-profit organisations is to have the CEO of the organisation lead a Management Team made up of Managers of certain functions within the organisation. Members of the Board hold all Managers & Staff to account through the CEO who reports directly to them. But what does it mean to be a Manager, and a member or a leader of a Management Team, or a Leader of a group of people on your Board?

This 3-part online Leadership Programme will be comprised of:

  • Leadership: From what makes an effective leader to developing your own leadership style.
  • Team Building: From what makes a highly functioning team to how to motivate teams and attract people to join them.
  • Developing your personal skills and getting access to tools for leadership, management and team building.

The schedule for this programme is:

  • Wednesday 11/09/2024 6:30pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 25/09/2024 6:30pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 09/10/2024 6:30pm-9pm


Via Zoom.

The funding for the provision of these services comes from the National Training Fund administered by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research Innovation and Science. The €100 nominal charge is by way of contribution. Participants will be asked to provide further information regarding Age Range, Gender, Employment Status, Educational Background, Role in Organisation, Organisation Activity & Size post registration.


Liam Scollan

Liam Scollan's background includes CEO of a successful social enterprise for 11 years and of a government development agency as well as been a keen activist and advocate for the voluntary sector and a volunteer director on Boards of management for over 30 years. His depth of high level experience provides him with a credible and commanding knowledge of what it takes to manage effectively in the sector. He has a proven track record in leading organisations to very high levels of achievement: quadrupling turnover, winning national, UK and European awards for urban regeneration, customer service, public relations and innovation whilst leaving lasting social and economic legacies.

He brings an energy and interactive style to his work with groups, honed by his mix of top level experience and his post-graduate studies in community education, holistic health and professional coaching.


Participants who complete the course will:

  • Understand leadership and how it is different to management.
  • Develop your own personal confidence in your leadership capabilities.
  • Access tools to develop your own effective leadership style.
  • Understand the dynamics of teams.
  • Gain the skills to develop motivated and effective teams.
  • Build your self-confidence and how you manage and delegate.
  • Increase your ability to manage you time more effectively and
  • Find the tools to help you aim for high levels of organisational performance.


€100Nonprofit Organisation
€100Carmichael Resident Organisation
€100Statutory Organisation
€100Corporate Organisation