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1 Jan 2025

Professional Award in Executive Coaching – Online


Through Carmichael, Sandown Business School is offering this Globally Accredited Professional Diploma in Executive Coaching with Science, Artistry and Systems.

Target Audience

This course is designed for CEO’s, Senior and Middle Managers, Leaders and Board Members of Non-Profit Organisations. 


Module 1 - Foundations

  • Neuro-Evolution of Professional Coaching
  • Systemic Trust that Enables Healthy Collaboration
  • Signature Model - SAS Coaching Map
  • The Interface of Theory U with Coaching
  • Co-Active Coaching Proficiencies Professional Ethics & Practice
  • The Psychology of Contracting (Individual & Group)
  • Effective Brand Presencing
  • Neurobiology of Remote & Hybrid Assertiveness
  • The Art of Reflective Practice

Module 2 - The Coach

  • How I am is how I coach - Who Am I?
  • Understanding Direct and Indirect Coaching
  • The Alchemy of Transformation Neuroplasticity & Creating Mental Strength
  • The Anatomy of Co-Regulation and Connection
  • Breaking through Unconscious Coaching Bias
  • Signature Models - PAUSE & SOURCE
  • Integrating a Coaching Mindset
  • Recognising unconscious assumptions and bias at play

Module 3 - The Client

  • Return On Investment of Coaching
  • Neuroscience of Client Self Regulation/Self- Control
  • Neurobiology of Decision Making in Chaos
  • Interpersonal Contracting within Diverse Systems
  • Signature Models - SYSTEMIC & CARE
  • Aligning Client Energy Centres to achieve Meaningful Goals
  • CARE for Client Open Loop System & Field

Module 4 - Assessment

  • To include online assessment, case study and writing up your reflections

Module 5 - Finales & Graduation

  • How to end well. Capturing your Journey
  • Collecting the wisdom
  • Reward Bank Building

Download brochure for full details on the Programme and more information about Sandown Business School:

Professional Award in Executive Coaching - NFP Leaders

Expressions of interest or queries should be sent to Fiona Callan Please do not book through this website as Sandown Business School with manage enrolments and process payments.


Via Zoom.


Fiona Callan


€2345Nonprofit Organisation

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