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4 Sep 2024

Microsoft Excel – Introduction to Spreadsheets – Online 04/09/2024

Target Audience

People with little or no knowledge, or experience of using Microsoft Excel.


The course will take place on Zoom over 4 sessions as per details below. Homework will be assigned between sessions. Resources and links will be stored on a platform called GiraffePad. Full instructions and links will be given after registration. Please note, these sessions will be recorded and shared with attendees only. Details of dates and topics are below:

Session One (90 minutes) Wed 04 Sep starting at 3.15pm

  • Open A New Spreadsheet
  • Identify Data Types
  • Use Autofill
  • Enter Data / Text
  • Select Data / Text
  • Format Data / Text
  • Use Basic Formulae
  • Copy Formulae
  • Homework

Session Two (90 minutes) Wed 11 Sep starting at 3.15pm

  • Review of homework
  • Use Absolute Cell Reference
  • Use built in functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, CountA
  • Start on preparing lists
  • Add/Delete Rows/Columns
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Homework

Session Three (90 minutes) Wed 18 Sep starting at 3.15pm

  • Review of homework
  • Continue Sorting and filtering
  • Printing
  • Introduction to chart
  • Homework

Session Four (90 minutes) Wed 25 Sep starting at 3.15pm

  • Review of homework
  • Worksheets-Housekeeping: Add, delete, rename, move/copy, hide
  • Worksheets – Formulas – adding up entries across sheets.
  • Final Q&A


  • Delivered virtually via Zoom.
  • GiraffePad will be the platform used to hold the Zoom links/training materials/recordings.
  • Homework will be assigned between sessions.


Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh has been an IT trainer since Excel came on Windows 95. She has been a freelance IT trainer since the mid-90s. She is a MOS Master Instructor. She has written several books for and is the author of “Your Excel Survival Kit: Your guide to surviving and thriving in an Excel world” which has been receiving consistent 5 star reviews on Amazon. She blogs regularly at

You can read testimonials for her work at


  • Learn how to use Microsoft Excel at a beginner’s level.


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€140Carmichael Resident Organisation
€180Statutory Organisation
€180Corporate Organisation


The practical nature of the course - very practical tips that can be put into practice.
Anne is very attentive, has a lot of information handouts and answers each and every question fully.
The teaching was very good. I found Anne very helpful and informative.
Learned and got to cover so many topics in the four weeks.
Glad I got the homework and lots of practice material.
Everything we learnt was really beneficial.

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