Relaunch of the Carmichael Mentoring Programme

16 January 2024

Free coaching, mentoring and peer support for leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Carmichael is delighted to announce the relaunch of the Mentoring Programme for 2024.

The programme began in 2013, when our initial panel of 14 pro bono mentors supported 16 nonprofit leaders. We now have more than 50 mentors on our panel and support more than 50 nonprofit leaders per year. Since the programme’s inception, 247 nonprofit leaders from 143 nonprofit organisations have participated.

Interested in mentorship?

The updated programme brings in more structure to the mentoring process and, as well as continuing to provide mentoring and coaching, we are introducing a peer support network for those who complete the programme to continue the benefits of having a sounding board outside of your own organisation. To apply for mentorship, see our websiteThe next round is open for applicants until February 12th.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

We can only continue to meet this rising demand for mentoring if suitable individuals continue to step forward and volunteer to become mentors.

Are you a current or former leader in a nonprofit? This could mean leading the entire organisation, a department or a team or volunteers.

When you first stepped into that leadership role, could you have benefited from more support?

Knowing what you know now, could you offer some support to someone starting their leadership journey, or facing a new challenge as an experienced leader?

We would love to hear from those with experience in the nonprofit sector who are interested in getting involved. See our website or contact for more information.

This programme is kindly sponsored by BHP Insurances.