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Good governance involves making sure that your board is as effective as possible in providing oversight for the organisation. It is worth taking time out periodically to review/assess how you are doing and identify improvements. This can be done in different ways.


Check out this video on what your charity needs to do to comply with the Charities Governance Code:

To download the Code and the Compliance Record Form, go to:

Presentation from Governance Masterclass – Option 2D: Effective Minutes for Effective Governance delivered by Derek O’Reilly.

Masterclass2D_D. OReilly_Effective Mins

Presentation and notes from Governance Masterclass – Option 2A: Best Practice Financial Reporting for Charities (including lessons learned from the Good Governance Awards) delivered by Aedín Morkan.

Masterclass2A_Aedin Morkan_Best Practice Financial Reporting


Presentation and notes from Governance Masterclass – Option 1D: Communicating your Message delivered by Padraig McKeon.

Masterclass 1D_P. McKeon_Communicating your message


Presentation and notes from Governance Masterclass – Option 1C: Improving the Quality of Board Packs for Better Decision Making delivered by Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí.

Masterclass1C_D. OCorrbui_Improve Board packs

Improving the Quality of Board Packs research Report Published version

Presentation and notes from Governance Masterclass – Option 1B: Developing and Sustaining A Strong Governance Culture delivered by David Duffy.

Masterclass 1B_D. Duffy_ Develop & Sustain Gov Culture

Corporate Governance Review 2018 LR

Presentation and notes from Governance Masterclass – Option 1A: Implementing Charities SORP delivered by Angela Monahan.

MasterclassA1_A. Monahan_Implement Charities SORP


MS Ireland Annual Report and Accounts 2017 FINAL


Asthma Soc Irl – Annual Report 2017

In order for a board of directors to carry out their fiduciary duties for the organisation that they oversee, they need to be provided with a “board pack” for their board meetings which contains relevant, timely, up-to-date information in a digestible format. Expectations and accountability of boards have increased in recent years including those in the nonprofit sector. Hence, boards need to review the board reporting material they receive in their board packs to ensure that they receive the information that they require to make informed decisions.

Following their recent cross-sectorial research, new guidance for effective board reporting has been issued this year by ICSA: The Governance Institute (ICSA). Furthermore, the importance of identifying and reporting performance metrics has been recognised as a key area to be improved in board reporting and hence this is discussed below. Concentrating on the governance of nonprofit organisations in particular, we aim to benchmark the best-practice initiatives in; charity finances, regulatory requirements and performance reporting with reference to international guidance for nonprofit organisations.

Qualitative and quantitative research of Irish nonprofit organisation representatives was conducted wherein current strengths and weaknesses of board reporting were identified and investigated. The key findings from this survey, alongside the accompanying research, have been collated to create recommendations for an effective board pack compilation. Within these recommendations, there is a board pack table of contents, a board pack contents template and a practical checklist to help improve their board reporting process.

Boards must work effectively to ensure they govern the organisation properly. One of the key mechanisms for this is the board meeting.