SharingPoint Value The Feedback in Good Governance Awards

28 June 2021

Last week was a bumper week for the promotion of the Good Governance Awards with both video and written testimonials from past winners and today we are back with words from Aidan Horgan, Chair of SharingPoint.


SharingPoint was founded in 2002 to provide one-to-one and group counselling to adults suffering from the effects of addiction or indirectly affected by the addiction of a significant other person in their lives. As a registered charity, SharingPoint is an independent, not-for-profit organization which depends upon donations and client contributions to fund its services.

We are led by a full-time CEO, Padraig Langan, who has extensive addiction recovery experience and we have a voluntary Board of Directors with a broad range of experience.

We first entered the awards two years ago with a submission involving our annual report, which to be honest, and in hindsight, we hadn’t given a huge amount of attention to at that time. Not surprisingly, we didn’t score very highly.”

But crucially, we got invaluable feedback which allowed us to enhance our annual report to improve transparency, to share our governance & culture, and to showcase everything that SharingPoint has achieved. We progressed to be nominated again last year, received further invaluable feedback, and now, just one year on, we are delighted to be accepting this award!”


To find out more from SharingPoint you can check out their site here. For more information on the Good Governance Awards the best source is the dedicated website for the awards which can be seen here.