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Non-profit eLearning Bundle

Carmichael has designed and developed this new eLearning Programme with the needs of social enterprises and growing non-profits in mind. Each module can be purchased individually or can be purchased here as a bundle. This bundle can be accessed for 12 months after purchase.

Social Enterprise Income and Impact Strategy (eLearning)

Social enterprises compete with a wide range of other companies and organisations in a bid to generate trading income. The challenge in such instances is to generate financial returns without comprising social outcomes and impact. This course is designed to put social impact at the heart of business planning and conversations around social enterprise development.

Governance and Charities Governance Code Carmichael (eLearning)

Structured as a practical and instructive 7.5 hours long eLearning course, the Governance and Charities Governance Code course and resource site provides you with a step-by-step approach to implementing appropriate standards of good governance in your non-profit organisation.

Employing Staff and Managing Human Resources (eLearning)

If your non-profit organisation employs staff, then be aware of the issues that can cause problems in the employer/employee relationship. Hire appropriately, manage fairly and motivate effectively if you wish to retain productive employees. All of this should happen within a human resources framework that adheres to all aspects of employment law, data protection and health and safety legislation. This course comes with a large amount of practical resources and templates.

Financial Management for Non-Profits (eLearning)

Every non-profit organisation must manage its finances in a transparent and effective manner. Indeed, funders, donors and beneficiaries, very much depend on board directors and trustees to make best use of all of an organisation’s resources, finance included. In this course, we will take a practical look at the elements of financial management that non-profits must get right.

Business and Organisation Development for Non-Profits (eLearning)

Different demands are placed on an organisation as it develops over time. Managing change, building resources, generating income and maximising impact all take careful planning. In this 4 hour course, we will take a practical look at levels of organisational planning and development of particular relevance to social enterprises and to non-profit organisations who may wish to scale their operations.

Marketing and Sales for Non-Profits (eLearning)

Marketing activity is essential in every non-profit organisation. It helps organisations to reach out to donors to ask for fundraising support. It helps organisations to communicate the good work carried out by staff and volunteers to a wider public, the local community and funders. It helps beneficiaries and service users to identify the non-profit organisations that can best support them.

In this course, we set out the marketing activities of most relevance to non-profit organisations. We pay particular attention to how marketing may be used to help organisations generate trading income and/or implement their organisational purpose i.e. mission.

Note: Once an e-Learning course is booked, it could take up to 48 hours for login details to be provided.

NOTE: When booking, please make sure to input all the correct contact details into the booking form as the information will be used to create learner profiles. Should information be entered incorrectly it could delay the booking process.


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