Employment Programmes

Carmichael provides local services and creates employment in the local community through the operation of the following programmes:

Community Employment (CE)

Carmichael Community Employment Programmes aim to provide work experience and training to participants through a wide variety of positions within the organisation and with resident organisations. It also operates a number of programmes within the Community.

Carmichael has been involved with Community Employment since its inception and our projects have been successful in facilitating participants back into the workforce by supporting the organisations where they have been placed.

Community Employment fits well with the ethos of Carmichael which is one of inclusiveness and self-help and it brings us closer to the local community.

The Community Employment Programme assists with the enhancement and development of both technical and personal skills which provide a foundation whereby participants can use their experience and new skills to re-enter the workforce and seek permanent part-time and full-time positions.

CE Vacancies

Community Services Programme (CSP)

Our Community Services Programme funded by the Department of Social Protection works on a social-enterprise model and provides the building blocks that allows Carmichael to deliver services and create employment. The programme enables us to remain open with a full range of facilities and administration services for six days and five evenings a week. These longer opening hours accommodate the needs of resident organisations and their service users and volunteers who are not always readily available within the standard 9-5 working day. CSP supports the servicing, maintenance and health and safety management of Carmichael House and Coleraine House. The programme also supports our catering service and a range of administrative supports to resident organisations and external groups.

Internships/Work Placements

We are currently unable to offer internships or work placements outside of the above programmes.