Office Accommodation

Our office space gives you the opportunity to work in an environment which is shared by other nonprofit organisations allowing you to interact with others and expand your network. Carmichael provides a sense of community which encourages peer support in a collaborative environment. It is efficient and professional with less maintenance and infrastructure overheads for your organisation

Carmichael provides cost effective and fully serviced office space to suit the needs of small/medium nonprofit organisations. A range of different accommodation options may be availed of from shared desk facilities and office accommodation for a 1-2 person organisation to a larger organisation with a team of up to 7-8 people.

Organisations who wish to establish offices in Carmichael must apply and be accepted for Resident Membership of Carmichael. Once office space has been allocated, the full range of Carmichael shared services and supports may be accessed by that member organisation.

Our office space tends to be at almost full occupancy with only a limited number of accommodation options available. If we do not have a suitable space currently available, we can register your interest. We will be in touch once a suitable space becomes available.

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