Office Accommodation

Our office space gives you the opportunity to work in an environment which is shared by other nonprofit organisations, allowing you to interact with others and expand your network. Carmichael provides a sense of community which encourages peer support in a collaborative environment. It is efficient and professional with less maintenance and infrastructure overheads for your organisation. 

Carmichael provides cost effective and fully serviced office space and meeting rooms to suit the needs of small/medium nonprofit organisations. A range of different accommodation options may be availed of from shared desk facilities and office accommodation for a 1-2 person organisation to a larger organisation with a team of up to 7-8 people. We also have a range of meeting rooms and catering facilities available. 

Organisations who wish to establish offices in Carmichael must apply and be accepted for Resident Membership of Carmichael. Once office space has been allocated, the full range of Carmichael shared services and supports may be accessed by that member organisation. 

Enquires re office accommodation option to 

Enquires about our meeting room options to  

If we do not have a suitable space for your needs currently available, we can register your interest. We will be in touch once a suitable space becomes available. 

Flexible Accommodation Options Available  

With over 30 years’ experience providing accommodation for small to medium nonprofits in Dublin City, we know that every nonprofit is different. Some require their own dedicated space, while some prefer to share their office with like-minded staff from similar organisations. Some need somewhere to work 40 hours a week, while others only need a desk 1 day a week, or need somewhere for their team to meet once a week. We offer flexible accommodation packages tailored to your organisation’s needs. 

Use our city-centre address as your business address for post, deliveries and registration with the Companies Registration Office and/or Charities Regulator. Post forwarding included as standard.  



Rent 1-8 desks in an office shared with other nonprofits. This option is perfect for organisations with a small number of staff who value the social and peer support benefits of working with a larger group, and the financial benefits of sharing facilities like phone lines, photocopiers, and kitchens. 



Rent a private office for your organisation in one of our two city-centre locations. This option combines the benefits of having a dedicated space for your organisation, with the opportunity to meet other nonprofits working in the same building. 


We offer both full- and part-time time desks in shared offices and private offices. 


Complimentary Services included with Carmichael Accommodation 

The following services are included as standard with all accommodation types apart from Virtual Business Addresses: 

  • Dedicated IT support and reception staff 
  • Unlimited tea and coffee 
  • Phone line 
  • Shared kitchen 
  • Regular office cleaning 
  • Social and wellness events 
  • Membership of the Carmichael Support Network 
  • Discounts on our scheduled training programmes 


Services available at an additional cost: